P60 End Of Year Certificates Due By 31 May 2024

13 - 05 - 2024

Employers should provide their employees with their 2023/24 P60 by 31 May 2024. 

Your P60 End Of Year Certificate shows the taxable income received and the tax that has been deducted from it. The 2023/24 P60 should cover the period 06.04.23 - 05.04.24.  
You should receive a 2023/24 P60 from each employer you are still working for as at 05 April 2024. If you have left an employment during the tax year you should have received a P45 for this employment and a P60 will not be provided to you by that employer. 
If you cannot get a P60 from your employer you can request confirmation of your earnings from the records held at HMRC. You can do this online if you have a personal  tax account or by contacting HMRC  on 0300 200 3300 and requesting the information. 
Your P60 Certificate should be retained for your own records but you may also need it to:
  • Complete a Self Assessment tax return
  • Reclaim any Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions overpaid
  • Apply for Universal Credit
  • Confirm your income if you are applying for a loan or mortgage 
It is not uncommon to have queries on your P60, particularly if you think you may have paid too much tax or were on an unexpected tax code. If you have questions or need advice our friendly Advisors are here to help! Likewise, if you are an employer needing help with your Payroll or year end payroll returns it's not too late to give us a call - 01244 625 500 or  






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