Deadline Approaching For Parents To Claim Backdated Bereavement Support

05 - 02 - 2024

The deadline of 08 February 2024 for bereaved parents to claim backdated financial support is fast approaching.

From February 2023, cohabiting parents and carers have been able to claim the same bereavement benefits to help bring up their grieving children as if they had been married or in a civil partnership. It is also possible for to make retrospective claims as the previous eligibility criteria, which excluded unmarried couples, was found to be unlawful.


Bereaved parents who lost their partner between 09 April 2001 and 08 February 2023 may be eligible for a backdated support payment even if they no longer have dependent children. The payments are intended to help with the financial impact of losing a partner whilst raising children.


Claims must be made by 08 February 2024.


The type of payment that can be claimed depends on the date your partner died. If this was before 06 April 2017 you would need to claim Widowed Parent’s Allowance. For deaths occurring from 06 April 2017 onwards you should claim Bereavement Support Payment (BPS). Backdated Bereavement Support Payments may be claimed if your partner died before 09 February 2023.


Eligibility Criteria

 When they died, you and your partner must have either been:

  1. married or in a civil partnership
  2. living together as though you were married or in a civil partnership


All the following must also apply:

  1. you’re under State Pension age
  2. your partner paid National Insurance contributions, or they died because of an accident at work or a disease caused by work
  3. you’re entitled to Child Benefit for at least one child


·         The maximum Widowed Parent’s Allowance is £139.10 per week.


·      The maximum Bereavement Support Payment is a one-off payment of £3,500 and 18 monthly payments of £350.00. This may also apply if you are making a backdated claim and your partner died on or after 30 August 2018. If your partner dies before 30 August 2018 you may get up to 18 monthly payments.


The amount you would receive would depend on your partner’s National Insurance contributions. Eligibility would usually cease when you were no longer entitled to Child Benefit or reached State pension age.


You can find out more on how to claim here -

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