HMRC Has Introduced Self-serve Time To Pay Arrangements for VAT

07 - 06 - 2023

VAT payment plans can now be arranged online if your business meets certain criteria.  

Certain VAT-registered businesses can now set up a payment plan online, known as a time to pay arrangement. 

A VAT-registered business can set up its VAT payment plan online if it:

  • has filed its latest VAT return;
  • owes £20,000 or less;
  • is within 28 days of the payment deadline;
  • does not have any other payment plans or debts with HMRC; and
  • plans to pay off its debt within the next six months.

Business that are not eligible to use the online service include those that 

  • use the VAT cash accounting or annual accounting schemes.
  • make VAT payments on account
If your business is not eligible to use the online service you can still contact HMRC for agree a payment plan over the phone.  
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