Auto-enrolment Pension Scam

24 - 08 - 2017

Beware of fake auto-enrolment certificates being offered to employers.

Employers are being approached by companies offering fake certificates which suggest that the employer does not have any workplace duties with regard to auto enrolment. 

The certificates are often described as “Certificates of Auto Enrolment Exemption” and a typical fee for such a certificate is £58. The documents are worthless.

The Pensions Regulator will NOT accept any of these documents as evidence of automatic enrolment exemption. 

At least one company is currently under investigation by The Pensions Regulator for issuing these certificates. Employers buying the fake certificates may have no intention of committing an offence. However failure to comply with their duties with regard to auto enrolment mean the employer may be breaking the rules and may incur fines.


Every individual or organisation in the UK that employs at least one person has automatic enrolment duties. 

The Pension Regulator is asking anyone who is offered a certificate or anything similar to refuse the offer and inform The Pensions Regulator immediately.


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