How Easy Is It To Change Accountants?

06 - 04 - 2017

How easy is it to change Accountants?

How important is it to have an accountant who understands you, your business and the way you work? The answer is VERY! Having a good relationship with your accountant is essential to the success and profitability of your business. So what happens if you need to change accountants? How easy is it? And when is a good time to make that switch?

 Most contractors who have switched accountants will tell you how simple making the change really is. It’s just a case of telling your own accountant you would like to leave and asking your new accountant to contact them to request your paperwork from them. That’s it! 
You may be considering choosing a good time to switch, quite often we find that clients choose to switch over to Foremans after their accountants have finished a piece of work, for example, after a VAT return, Self Assessment or year end. You may also want to check that your contract with your old accountant doesn’t tie you into anything and also that all your fee’s are up to date, otherwise they may refuse to cooperate with the switch until any outstanding payments are made. 

When deciding on a new accountant, there are a few things to think about before making that move:

  • ·         Does the accountant understand your industry and how you work?
  • ·         Does the accountant have a dedicated team who you will deal with you every time?
  •        Can you contact your accountant anytime and answer your queries there and then?


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If you feel that your accountant is not providing you with the service your business requires, you can speak with our one of our team on 01244 625 500.

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