Why Should The Self-Employed Use Specialist Accountants?

03 - 08 - 2016

Why not find a specialist firm which has expertise in all the right areas?

When it comes to big decisions in life, we usually turn to the experts who know best. This should also be the case when it comes to choosing an accountant. Choosing an accountant who understands how your industry works, where your clients come from, what taxes you should be registering for with HMRC and what expenses you could be claiming is increasingly important as contractors strive to make the most of their hard-earned income.


Accountancy services come in all shapes and sizes. Why not find a specialist firm which has expertise in all the right areas?


First of all, check that your accountant is qualified and regulated. You wouldn’t choose an unqualified solicitor or surgeon so why settle for an unqualified accountant? Next, find an accountant who understands your small business. Worried about IR35? Your accountant should be able to advise you. Thirdly, find out how your accountant will work with you going forward. Better to have sound advice on an ongoing basis than to hear about how you could have been more tax-efficient after the event!


Specialist accountants, like Foremans LLP, will be able to advise you on keeping your company running successfully throughout the financial year. What expenses can Contractors claim from their businesses? How much money should you retain for taxes and other liabilities? What returns should you file with HMRC? Your specialist accountant will also be able to advise you on HMRC schemes, such as Flat Rate VAT, that are available to assist you. For small businesses this can make a considerable difference.


In other words, choosing a specialist accountant can make things a lot more stress-free for both you and your company. You’ll know that your business is being taken care of by the experts, leaving you free to concentrate on your own area of expertise.


Foremans are a multi-disciplinary professional firm employing dedicated experts to support the self employed in small corporate, sole trader, umbrella and partnership businesses. Supporting clients with the full range of tax planning, book keeping, accountancy and business development advice, Foremans have been running for nearly 10 years and are specialists within the small business and contractor field.


We offer free initial advice and unlimited access to your own dedicated Advisor. Why not contact us to see how you can get started?






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