REC Warns Of Potential Scam Against Agencies

20 - 04 - 2012

The REC has been made aware of a potential scam against recruitment agencies.

1. A supposed “client” contacts an agency with an assignment and informs the agency that they know of a contractor that they would like to take on to do the work.  Alternatively, a contractor may call the agency shortly after the “client”.

2. The agency pays the contractor but does not receive payment from the “client”.

3. When agencies subsequently try to follow this up they find that there is no trace of the “client” or the contractor.

This potential scam has been registered with Action Fraud.  Action Fraud record fraud crime on behalf of the police and, where appropriate, pass cases on to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).

The REC advises its members to always ensure that they check the legitimacy of a client as much as possible. This could be, for example, through a face-to-face meeting with the client at their premises or by calling the company and checking that the contact does work there. 






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