HMRC Stopping Paper Notifications For Tax Repayments

04 - 04 - 2024

HMRC will cease to sent paper notifications of tax repayments from 08 April 2024.

Taxpayers will no longer receive a letter in the post notifying them of any personal tax repayments or repayments of Corporation Tax for an incorporated business.
The taxpayer will still receive the repayment and will be able to view the repayment through their online account. Agents, such as Accountants, for the relevant tax will also be able to view details of the repayments online.
HMRC has explained that the change is due to the letter often arriving after the repayment itself, which generates additional work and queries to be dealt with by HMRC.
Taxpayers should be more vigilant regarding any expected repayments as without checking their online account they may be unaware of any problems with receiving a payment. 
If you need further advice our friendly team is here to help! We offer tax agent services for all of our clients and can help you to check your records against those at HMRC to make sure you are paying the correct tax. 






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