VAT Registration Helpline to Close from 22 May 2023

17 - 05 - 2023

From Monday 22 May 2023 HMRC will close the VAT Registration Helpline.

From next Monday, 22.05.22, HMRC will close the VAT Registration Helpline. This is a subsidiary of the VAT Helpline dedicated specifically to helping customers who wish to discuss their VAT registration application. 
HMRC personnel working on this helpline will be redeployed to processing VAT registration applications rather than answering calls. Information issued by HMRC states that having closed certain phone lines on one day each week last year allowed them to clear an average more than 4,000 additional pieces of post each day. The closure of the VAT Registration Helpline is, therefore, intended to maximise the service offering from HMRC.  

If you have any current queries we advise contacting the VAT Registration Helpline as soon as possible.


According to HMRC data 85% of the calls to the VAT Registration Helpline are to chase the progress of applications. Once the VAT Registration Helpline is closed updates on VAT Registration can be checked online at 'Where's my reply'


New VAT registrations can also be chased after 40 days by email on:


HMRC will only reply to emails that are after the 40 day time limit.

If you have queries on VAT Registration or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Foremans on 01244 625 500, or at  






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