Digital Filing of Self Assessment Tax Returns

12 - 04 - 2023

From 06 April 2023 the paper form Self Assessment Tax Return is no longer available to download from HMRC.

Current Situation


Individual Self assessment Income Tax Returns can be completed either on paper or filed online through a digital platform. The choice of filing type is entirely the taxpayer's choice. The only difference between the two media are the filing deadlines as follows:


Type of Filing

Filing Deadline



31 October following end of tax year

Online digital

31 January following end of tax year


For example:

The 2022/2023 self assessment tax returns for the period 06 April 2022 to 05 April 2023 will need to be filed by the following deadlines to avoid any penalties.


Type of Filing

Filing Deadline



31 October 2023

Online digital

31 January 2024


Paper Self Assessment Income Tax Return Forms as of 06 April 2023


Up until 05 April 2023 taxpayers could download a self assessment income tax return from

As of 06 April 2023 the return will no longer be a downloadable form. Anyone requiring a paper form will need to telephone HMRC to request a copy to be sent to them. Paper forms can still be filed.


HMRC Notification


HMRC are currently contacting, by post, 135,000 taxpayers who currently file paper self assessments to tell them they need to contact HMRC for a paper form. Please note if you do file on paper you are not guaranteed to be contacted by HMRC. It will remain your responsibility to comply with the filing deadlines.


Why is HMRC implementing this change?


The change is being made to try and encourage taxpayers to engage with the HMRC online digital systems. It is intended that this will help to simplify and modernise HMRC’s Income Tax Services.


Foremans' Clients


All self assessment tax returns prepared and filed by Foremans, on behalf of our clients, are filed through an online digital system. The only exception would be if a client specifically requesting a paper copy be filed. The online filing allows our clients to take advantage of the extended 3 month filing deadline to 31 January.


We also provide all of our clients with a full copy of their completed self assessment tax return and detailed tax calculation for their review and agreement before filing with HMRC.


If you would like to know more about our self assessment income tax service or wish to discuss any of the issues above please contact us on:


01244 625 500 or 01978 364 000


Whilst all due care and attention has been taken in the preparation of these notes no liability can be accepted for any omission or item contained therein.






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