HMRC Service Levels

16 - 11 - 2022

HMRC have published data showing that service levels remain below targets.

HMRC have now published their performance data for the July 2022 to September 2022 period.


As expected the service levels remain well below the HMRC targets.


HMRC reported the following for September 2022:





Correspondence – iForms and Post

1.9 million received

1.2 million requiring a response


Cleared in 15 days



Telephone calls

3 million calls

2.3 million calls requiring an adviser


Adviser Attempts handled



Waiting for a call to be answered



More than 10 minutes



(Pre Covid)


HMRC state that the average waiting time for a telephone call to be answered was 14 minutes.


HMRC believe the continuing issues are due to:


·         High volumes of repayment claims

·         IT issues whilst upgrading system security and resilience.


Foremans are currently experiencing significant delays when using agent dedicated lines and in replies to written correspondence. We believe other accountants are also encountering similar issues.






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