Are You Entitled To a Uniform Tax Rebate?

22 - 08 - 2017

Are you entitled to a uniform tax rebate?

Do you regularly wear uniform that has your company logo on or use specialist clothing which you have to take home and wash? If so you may be able to claim a tax rebate. 

You may be able to claim this tax relief if the following applies to you:

  • You wear branded clothing including having a company logo, or you wear a recognisable uniform that clear identifies you have a certain job like a nurse or police officer uniform.
  • Your employer requires you to wear it while you’re working, for example if you a required to wear a hi-vis vest or safety hat.
  • You are responsible for the upkeep and replacement of your uniform, including washing it yourself. However if you employer provides the facilities to clean your uniform at their expense, you will not qualify. 
  • You purchase your own tools or equipment.

Have you paid income tax in the year you are claiming for?

If the above applies to you then you can claim via a Self Assessment Tax Return or you can complete a P87 form. Receipts are required or alternatively an individual can claim the annual flat rate which, for the tax year 2016-2017, is £60.00. 

If you need assistance or you are unsure if you can claim please feel free to contact us 01244 625 500






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