HMRC Personal Tax Repayments are Changing

09 - 09 - 2016

The way HMRC are issuing tax refunds is changing along with the digital tax changeover. 

In previous years where a taxpayer has overpaid tax HMRC has informed the taxpayer and automatically refunded the overpayment shortly after the reconciliation is completed.  Since August 22nd 2016, if you are due a repayment for 2015/16 HMRC you will no longer receive an automatic refund shortly afterwards.


HMRC are currently reconciling the 2015/16 tax due from individuals paid as employees to the actual tax paid through the PAYE scheme in 2015/16. The annual reconciliation is completed on an HMRC form P800 and the calculations are often referred to as P800 calculations.


Taxpayers due a 2015/16 tax refund are being encouraged to access their online tax accounts, known as HMRC Personal Tax Account (PTA) and submit their bank details to get a refund. Alternatively the taxpayer can telephone HMRC and ask for a refund. Please note no telephone number is provided on the new P800 form to facilitate a call. If a taxpayer fails to do either of these options then HMRC will send the refund sometime after 45 days after the reconciliation.


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