Plastic Bag Charge Introduced in England

05 - 10 - 2015

On 05 October 2015 the 5 pence charge for plastic bags has been implemented in England. 

However did you know:

  • Retailers with less than 250 employees don’t have to charge;
  • There should be no charge for paper bags as they are exempt;
  • Consumers buying uncooked meat, poultry or fish, prescription medicine, flowers and certain other fresh produce for example potatoes should still be provided with free bags;
  • Free bags should be provided for unwrapped ready-to-eat food for example chips;
  • VAT of 0.83 pence will be collected by the Government on every 5 pence bag sold;
  • The retailer can decide what to do with the 5 pence it does not automatically have to be given to a charity although most retailers have said they will do so.

Happy Shopping!!






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