Health professionals targeted in new HMRC tax campaign

22 - 10 - 2013

Professionals working in the health and wellbeing sector who have taxable income that they have not declared to HMRC are being targeted in a new tax campaign launched this week.

The Health and Wellbeing Tax plan, which gives health and wellbeing workers the opportunity to voluntarily disclose information about their past income, gains and undisclosed liabilities, was recently launched by HMRC.

The plan runs from 7 October 2013 to 6 April 2014.

The new campaign covers physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, chiropodists and podiatrists. Homeopaths, dieticians, nutritional therapists, reflexologists, acupuncturists, psychologists, and speech, language and art therapists and others are also covered.
It is not, however, aimed at doctors and dentists, who were covered by a previous HMRC campaign, nor at nurses or social workers.

Health workers have until 31 December 2013 to inform HMRC that they would like to take part in the campaign, and until 6 April 2014 to disclose and pay any tax owed.

After 31 December, HMRC will be closing in on health professionals with undisclosed taxable income. Workers who come forward voluntarily before HMRC approach them will face lower penalties than those who are approached by HMRC first.

Bring tax affairs up to date

Marian Wilson, Head of HMRC Campaigns, said: 'I urge health and wellbeing professionals to take advantage of our quick and straightforward way of bringing their tax affairs up to date. Help, advice and support is available.

‘After the opportunity closes on 6 April, HMRC will use information it holds from third parties and regulatory bodies to identify people who have not paid what they owe. Penalties – or even criminal prosecution – could follow.’

For information, help and support on campaign, you can visit HMRC’s website. Help is also available from HMRC by calling the Health & Wellbeing Tax Plan helpline on 0845 600 4507.







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