More women registering websites for business, according to 123-reg

30 - 07 - 2013

The number of women registering a website has increased by nine per cent since last year, according to domain registrar 123-reg’s research into its customers.

This increase means that 27% of 123-reg’s users are now female.

The company surveyed approximately 7,000 of its customers to produce a demographic breakdown by gender, age and professional status, and to find out about how their products and services were being used.

Thomas Vollrath, CEO of 123-reg’s parent company, Host Europe Group, described the increase in female users as a positive development for the internet.
He also highlighted the fact that a high proportion of the government’s Start-Up Loans scheme went to female entrepreneurs.
'Business and technology have historically been perceived as being incredibly male-dominated, but this is now changing. The fact is that more women are now turning to business, and the news that 40 per cent of the government’s Start-up Loans scheme has gone to female entrepreneurs is further encouragement,’ he said.

From the high percentage of customers using 123-reg for business use, Vollrath extrapolates that more women are registering domains to establish and develop businesses.

'Fundamentally, this is less of a technology issue and more of a business issue. A high proportion of our customers use our services to establish new businesses and develop existing ones, so it would be a fair conclusion to make that more women are doing just that, a trend that we hope to see continue,’ he added.






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