Freelance Contractors Earn Almost Double the Average UK Income

23 - 01 - 2013

Contractors earn almost double the average UK income, new research has shown.

The average freelance contractor earns £52,820 annually, almost double the average UK worker’s salary of £26,000.
According to MarketStorm Global, an outsourced sales and marketing company, the flexibility of being your own boss and the financial reward of ‘going it alone’ has made freelancing a competitive alternative to employment over the past few years.
‘More and more people recognise the advantages of being independent workers,’ says Gavin Walsh, entrepreneur and managing director of MarketStorm Global.
‘The advantages for freelancers are that they can choose their work according to their interests and their time. Which employee can decide what, when, where and who they want to work with?’
70% of all freelancers earn more than the average salary in Britain, but Mr Walsh warns that this advantage comes at a cost, with 40% of freelancers working more than 41 hours a week.
‘Freelance workers really get what they deserve. Many freelancers work very hard. By using their time effectively, they can easily earn a very good income,’ says Mr Walsh.
There are currently 4.2 million freelance workers in Britain, contributing £202 billion to the national economy. MarketStorm Global expects this number to rise in coming years as more people become aware of the advantages of freelance contracting.
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