Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Trial Extended to SMEs

15 - 02 - 2012

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Trial extended to Small and Medium Enterprise Customers as an alternative method of resolving tax disputes.

ADR is intended to be a quick and efficient way of resolving tax disputes.

An independent person from HMRC, referred to as the Facilitator, is appointed to broker an agreement between the tax payer and the HMRC staff involved.
The trial is being extended to North Wales and North West England.
The trial is also being extended to include SME’s.
The tax issue should be in dispute but before any tax decision or assessment has been made.
Anyone with a case they think should be considered for the ADR process should check on the HMRC web site that they are in an eligible area and then call HMRC on 01492 523747 between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Alternatively contact us at Foremans LLP on 01244 625 500 for further advice.






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